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In Memory

Nadine Whitman (Christian)

Nadine Whitman Christian

September 16, 1945 - March 31, 2016

As I was unable to locate an obituary, I will share the following email I received today.  Larry Motschenbacher



Hello all - Craig Hanna here (Nadine's friend)  I'm sorry to say Nadine passed away March 31st at 6:10 in the morning after battling stage 4 lung cancer (that had metastasized to her brain) for 4 months.  Luckily she had a few friends close buy that were able to visit her (thank you Jodi and Margret and Mark).   I hope this e-mail gets to most everybody.  So one of her last wishes was to have her ashes scattered off of Corona Del Mar beach on her birthdaySeptember 16th.  She said she wanted to be there alive or not (one way or the other).  Her ashes came in the mail the other day.  My own mother-in law passed away the same day as Nadine around 6 pm, so I haven't had time to drive up (to Corona Del Mar) and see how the whole thing will work.  Anyone who wants to come is invited, and anyone who lives near there and might have some ideas on how to put this together feel free to e-mail me <crghanna@yahoo.com>.  You can e-mail me anyway if you want. I'm going to be busy as the executor of her estate but I'll try to answer when I can.  Thank you all for being her friend.  I know that wasn't easy sometimes.  


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04/17/16 04:37 PM #2    

Sharon Tork (Pendergast)

I lived next door to Nadine's grandmother in Corona del Mar when I was in 3rd and 4th grade and played with her often when she visited there.  I remember playing dress-up in her grandmother's old curtains.  I also remember her parents well.  I understand why Corona del Mar would be important to her. I missed seeing her at our 50th reunion and wondered why she couldn't make it.  I gathered that life had not been good to her, but felt that I would see her somewhere down the line.  I'm sorry to hear of her death. 

04/17/16 05:22 PM #3    

Jan Smith (Schones)

So sorry to hear about Nadine's passing. Am thankful that she is out of pain and misery. And, Jeff, I so agree with you, I truly hope and pray that she knew the Lord. Dianne Davis Teichreib is in touch with her executor and is going to keep everyone informed. You can find her on FB along with many of us. And,I have a Nadine story, ( also posted on FB) As a Senior, I took Physiology and was privileged to sit by Nadine and Bonnie Avila Parashak, two of the most intelligent people I knew in that class. In those days, I had good eyesight, (as opposed to these days of maturing) and when it came to tests, I froze. I couldn't have passed that class without them, and I confess, I cheated! God forgive me. Nadine knew I was, and would turn and place her paper. point with her pencil to the answer. She was a very intelligent person, who was always full of fun and energy,and I suspected a little bit of rebelliousness.

04/18/16 07:49 AM #4    

Gloria Brennan '64 (Spink Bunker)

I do remember Nadine. May she rest in peace. It's great to read some of these memories.  Thank you for sharing them. I did not know her personally. Unfortunately, there are going to be more of these postings as we age.  Enjoy each other while we can, and as Jeff Lear said, get to know the Lord.  HE will take us to HIM and we will no longer suffer.  Best to all, Gloria

04/18/16 07:55 AM #5    

Sharon Stanberry (Jones)

I reconnected with Nadine prior to our 50th. We exchanged emails. Her health kept her from coming down but she loved hearing class of 63 news. She also shared about her latest project and maintained her sense of humor and talent for writing. Sorry I didn't keep those emails. Rest in peace friend.

04/19/16 06:40 AM #6    

Linda Fugate (Simpkins)

A fond farewell toast to Nadine-Our favorite drink at the girls slumber parties-orange juice and vodka.

04/20/16 09:53 AM #7    

Marlene Mills

I am very sorry to hear of Nadine's passing at such a young age. I knew her at Harper Elementary, and through Everett A. Rea and CMHS. We were not close friends, but I always liked and admired her. She is one of the handful of classmates that I actually still remember. 

04/20/16 12:22 PM #8    

Donavene Ahier (Jaycox)

Isn't it funny how one person has brought out all of us and the memories that we shared because of her?   I didn't know her to be called a "girl friend" but she was a special person.   I sat behind her in several classes throughout my years at CMHS.  I don't why either because her name ended in a "W" and mine ended in an "A" (so why the seating went like that when normally we sat in alphabetical order I don't know).   I didn't have a clue when it came to tests, as the "fear factor" was really great inside and I would be terrified.   I remember when a test began that she'd slide over and point her pencil at the side of the questions and let me see her test paper.  She'd smile my way when we'd get the tests back and I knew I had someone who knew my fear and cared.  I was most grateful to her.  I didn't mean to "cheat" but without her help I'd never have made it and I have never forgot her kindness to me.   Later on in College the teachers found a way to have me take a test and not panic - but it wouldn't have been possible without Nadine.  She has touched so many, both as friends and the memories we all share because of her.  What a great and special graduating class we all were back then (the ones that were popular and the ones in the shadows).   I appreciate the opportunity to share my thoughts about Nadine here with you all.  

08/23/16 03:46 PM #9    

Dianne Davis (Teichrieb)

I haven't been here for quite some time. Okay 3 years...but It will take time to catch up. I want to say something about Nadine Whitman Christian's passing. As Craig Hanna made mention there will be a gathering held in honor of Nadine at Big Corona on her birthday, 16 Sep 2016.  It is illegal in SO CA to scatter ashes. Other arrangements have been made. Larry will post an announcement ASAP with time and other important information. For those of us who grew up with Nadine, it will be wonderful to be together to say goodbye to our old friend. See you at the beach...

08/23/16 05:21 PM #10    

Judy Wilson (Allen)

Didnt know her as a ftiend but as a class mate. Remember her smile. RIP, no more pain sweet girl.

09/24/16 12:55 PM #11    

Sharon Stanberry (Jones)

Thanks for the memorial photos. Wonderful to see she had a good support system. Thanks to all participated. 

Sharon Stanberry Jones

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