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Special Feature Hints

Check here for special hints for using this site

To manage Private Messages you have sent or received:

  • Log in
  • Click the "Envelope Symbol" in the upper right corner.
  • This takes you to your Message Center.
  • There your can compose a new message or click on:
    • Inbox - to view messages you have received
    • Outbox - to view messages you have sent 
    • You can click on the X next to any message to delete it
  • If you have any bouncebacks, it means the person's email is no longer valid  (drop me a note and I will try to get it fixed)

Major New Features

Go to Edit Profile on the left menu to see the new Profile features described below. 

Photos and Videos

  1. Upload a “Favorite” photo to the left side of your Profile page.
  2. Upload a "Then" photo of how you looked back then.
  3. Upload a "Now" photo showing how you look like today.
  4. Upload a "Yearbook" photo (if one has not already been provided)
  5. Note: First add the photos to the Photo Gallery,
  6. To add photos to your own photo gallery, click “Photos” in the upper right.  (You can drag photos to the order you want to show them.)
  7. To add your own Videos, click “Videos” in the upper right but first upload your video to Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook, etc. Then click on “Videos” and paste the video link to your video into the box (copy and paste the web address of the video from your browser's address bar).
  8. Photos and videos are automatically saved.


  • To add captions to your photos or videos, roll over the photo and click the pencil that appears. Select “Edit Details.”
  • To crop your photo, roll over the photo, select “Adjust Thumbnail”, crop, and then select “Save.”
  • To rearrange photos in your gallery, just ‘drag’ them to the order you want them.
  • The Profile Preview shows how other members will view your Profile page. You can Toggle back and forth between Profile Edit and Profile Preview by clicking the button at the top of your Profile, next to your name.

Other new features:

At the top of each Classmate Profile page is a “Follow” button. Click the button to be notified of any changes to a friend’s Profile.  To stop following the person, just click the button again.

The new “Share a Message” area allows you to add messages in your “Recent Messages” area.  This also allows Classmates to respond.  You can also delete a post by others if you choose to do so.

Your Profile Setting   - at the bottom of your Profile page

Profile Visibility:  Click this box to block the public and search engines from accessing your Profile info.  This allows only member Classmates to view your Profile. When you check this box, it even protects comments you make on other Classmates pages, even if they did not check this box.

Birthday:  This allows member Classmates to see your birthday date 30 days prior to your birthday.

Classmate Comments:  This allows member Classmates to enter comments in the new comment areas on your Profile page by your photos, videos, etc.  However you can still delete any comments you choose to. 

Instant Message:  This allows member Classmates to send you message through this web service (without disclosing your email.)  This is recommended.

Remember:  You must scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Save Changes for all Profile changes other than changes to photos and videos.

Message Forum Photos - To change your photo, go to any of your messages.  Click on the underlined words, Change Photo.  You may choose "No Photo", "Classmate Photo", or "Master Photo."

To add a Master Photo of your choice, go to Member Functions > Edit/Upload Photos.  Add a photo and then put a checkmark next to the photo you want to appear in your Forum posts.

Notifications - To be notified about new posts on the Message Forum, new pictures in Galleries, new Classmates registering, posts on your profile, or other events you are interested in, go to Nortify Me under Member Functions.  I like Once Daily.  It sends a quick tidy daily summary of any changes to the topics you select. 

Photos - Adding Text, Captions, Reordering Them, Selecting the Cover and Deleting

TEXT - After you upload a photo to a gallery, you may add text to the photo.  To add text after the fact, click the Add/Edit button.  Then go the the bottom of the page, find your photo and click Edit Photo

Then click Add a Line of Text to the right of the photo.  Type your text in the box.  Adjust the font, font size, and font color as you like it.  You can put your cursor in the text box and drag the text box to where you want it - on or below the photo.  See the RV in Larry Motschenbacher album - the Text box say "Our Trek RV".  Save Changes when you are done.

CAPTIONS - You may also add captions to your photos.  Go to your gallery and click the Add/Edit Photos button.  Scroll down to your photo at the bottom of the page.  Next to each photo is a window to add a Caption. The Caption will appear in the lower left hand position on the slide show page.  See the RV in Larry Motschenbacher album - the caption is the longer description of the Trek.  Save Changes when you are done.

REORDER  - You change the order of your photos by changing the numbers in the Sort box.  If you number them by 5's (5, 10, 15, etc)  to provide room to insert additional photos later.  Save Changes when you are done.

COVER PHOTO - Select which photo you want to be on the "cover" of you album by clicking on the Cover Photo box.  Save Changes when you are done. 

Delete Phote - Select any photo you wish to delete by clicking on the Delete box.

SAVE CHANGES - When finished, be sure to go all the way to the bottem and click on SAVE CHANGES before you leave the page. If you do not, none of the changes will be saved.

See "Photo Galleries > Photos from the Present > Larry Motschenbacher" for another example of Text and Caption use.

The Message Center allows you to send a messages to other class members. And it does this without revealing either person's email addres.  When you send someone a message, the website will send that person an automatic email notice that they have a message from CostaMesaClassof1963@gmail.com  (If you have email filtering, please allow emails from that email address.)

  • Select Classmate Profiles from the menu across the top of the page
  • Select the name the person you wish to send a message
  • On their Profile Page, scroll to the bottom of the page
  • At Send a Private Message enter a subject & write your message in the box 
  •  When complete, click on the Send Message button

If you receive an automatic notice that you that you have a message, log in to the website and click on the red message notice in the upper right corner of the Home Page to read your message. 

Profile Subscriptions

To be notified when a friend joins the site, updates their Profile, or has an upcoming birthday:

  • Log in
  • Go to Member Functions, and select Notify Me
  • Scroll down to Profile Subscriptions
  • Put a checkmark next to the name of each friend you wish to subscribe to
  • Check the appropriate boxes at the bottom of the page